Back to the ivf clinic this morning for a blood test – I thought it was to find out some more information about what happened last round, but I think it might actually just be to find out when they can start again. Update: test was for E2, progesterone, LH and they threw in a […]


Today in Martin Place, the Ben & Jerrys icecream truck stopped by! Icecream trucks are little moving houses of happiness. My parents told me once when I was little that icecream trucks only play music when they run out of icecream. And I believed them! For years! And now that I am a little less […]


Is there any feeling worse than waking up in the early, early morning, when it’s still pitch black, to the sound of the garbage truck in your street and the knowledge you forgot to put your bins out? The shock reminder yanks her from the cloud of slumber. Instantly alert but still unable to see […]


Is this you too? We’ve all been there, sharing something about our lives and that friend jumps in with their advice, sometimes without even letting you finish. I have a feeling that I’m often that friend. I understand what you’re saying and the way forward seems crystal clear. Surely it would be a disservice not […]


The cycle was cancelled for unresponsiveness. My little follicles just didn’t grow enough. We’re going to take a short break then try again. I had lots of emotions when it cancelled Disappointment Sadness Shock – we won’t have a 2014 baby. will we have a 2015 baby? Guilt – what did I do to make […]


I love having plans. Straightforward ways to achieve my goals, clear expectations, a way to measure progress. So sometimes it’s a bit tough when the life doesn’t turn out according to my plan. This last week has been up and down in the fertility part of our lives. Despite higher doses of puregon the results […]


Money: one of the last conversational taboos. A sensitive subject. But one this blog touches on and so one I’ll write about today. I am the Balancer of the Books for our family, a role I find quite tricky. Working out how much to give, how much to save, how to spend wisely and the […]


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